You Picked Your Friends. Now Pick Their Gifts.

This year, give each of your friends something thoughtful to celebrate the awesome weirdness that makes them special. And to show you really care, choose small brands, independent retailers, local artisans. Here are some of our favorites.

The perfect gift for…

the one who sleeps in late on Saturdays: Lake Pajamas

Sleeping Beauty might have asked the prince for 5 more minutes had she been snoozing in a set of Lakes. These uber-soft sleepies feel like you’re being hugged by a cloud, in the best possible way.



the one with a real bar cart: Jack Rudy

Your stud sipper will flip over Jack Rudy Classic Tonic, the old-school tonic syrup that looks cool and tastes even better. It’s a must for any well curated bar (or would-be bartender).

the one who always loses their wallet: Distil Union

Sick of picking up the tab for that friend who conveniently forgets their wallet on the reg? Look no further than the Wally Junior: a 3 card wallet that sticks to the back of an iPhone. Done and done.

the one who loves makeup but doesn’t need it: RMS

Guilt-free makeup for those who value quality (but don’t want to sacrifice their values). The line is completely non-toxic, offering a natural approach to skincare and makeup.

the one who really hates hangovers, but loves cocktail hour: Navy Hill

Give the gift of happy mornings with Navy Hill: the only craft cocktail mixer with added electrolytes for hydration. The soda + tonic blend is the perfect amount of flavor with less sugar than your average mixer. Cheers!

the one who goes off the grid (but not that far): Getaway to The Beach Estates

For that buddy who opts for five star amenities in a third world country, The Beach Estates offers a cush setting and some supremely good surfing in the tiny town of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Not easy to get to, impossible to leave.

the one who puts hot sauce on EVERYTHING: Red Clay

Give that foodie all the best flavors of the south: bourbon barrels, red clay and fresh local ingredients. It’s the hot sauce for people who love hot sauce, and those who don’t.

the one who hangs their kids drawings on the fridge, for weeks: Lil Bit Lit

These art-based books are for hip little readers (of all ages). Cool enough for the coffee table, captivating enough for the pickiest of bedtime story audiences. Pre-order today!

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