If there was ever a time for transparency and communication, this is it. When it comes to digital consumerism, these factors are imperative to a brand’s survival. Folks willing and able to spend excess money right now are doing so carefully, thoughtfully, and where they feel a connection. The need to feel a connection with a brand in order to make a purchase is driving DTC sales. Email marketing is a direct line to a brand’s customers. With a little strategy and effort, a successful email campaign can greatly increase sales and fill the void left by shuttered brick and mortars. Here are a few emails every commerce brand should send right now:


With consumers spending money so cautiously right now, a promotion lets them feel good about a purchase. It doesn’t have to be huge, just enough to garner attention. We recently sent an email for a high end men’s brand offering a discount on the remaining inventory of a discontinued product, and generated 8x more revenue than their average email. 

Another option is to throw in a “gift with purchase” to sweeten the deal. This is a great use of those smaller, overstocked items and can definitely increase sales.


It’s vital to nurture a brand’s core customers with email flows. Take the time to set them up, design nice emails, craft on-brand content. Right now, focus on customer win backs and cart reminders to keep sales moving. As Klaviyo Partners, we highly recommend their email platform for its seamless integration with Shopify.


Tailor your message and speak directly to different customers with thoughtful segments. Consider these high performing segments:

  • Customers who click emails more than 3x, but haven’t made a purchase  in 60 days 
  • Customers that purchased in one category, but not another (i.e. bought tops, not bottoms)
  • Customers who are in a relevant geography (i.e. start showing swim or summer collections to subscribers located in southern coastal states)