Easy Ways to Roll With the Changes

The dust is just beginning to settle on the explosion to our economy due to the pandemic, but the landscape looks very different than it did before. Even as physical brick and mortar stores across the country are starting to open back up (or not), the way we shop has shifted so dramatically that commerce is forever changed. Today’s consumers value convenience, obviously, but we’re also seeing folks spending more thoughtfully and therapeutically post-pandemic. Here are a few simple, lasting improvements that can boost any brand’s future trajectory.

Consumer spending shifted almost entirely to digital and, while stores are beginning to open their doors again, many consumers intend to continue shopping online. The brands that support this model will reap the benefits, but the biggest factor missing from ecommerce is personal assistance. Enabling a chat feature is a quick way online retailers can mimic the personalized experience of shopping in a store, while driving users to checkout faster. It offers the comfort and convenience of a real person (in real time) to inform purchase decisions. There are plenty of options out there depending on the level of assistance desired, but we recommend Tidio and Gorgias.

Sometimes it’s not enough to order online: we also want to bypass shipping times. A hybrid of ecomm and physical shopping, curbside pickup allows consumers to shop from home and still have the (near) instant gratification of bringing an item home the same day, all while supporting local stores or selecting last minute, fresh ingredients. Reports show that the model is here to stay, so it’s worth the effort to make the process seamless. Shopify recently added this feature to make it easy. 

As many small businesses shuttered due to the pandemic, shopping took an altruistic turn. It quickly became popular to spend money not for personal consumption but to “support the brand.” This helped boost DTC sales in particular, leaving fast fashion in the dust. In order to nurture this new relationship with customers, businesses should keep the lines of communication open through email marketing, authentic ad copy, excellent customer service and transparency. The best kind of customer is a loyal one, and putting in the effort to keep shoppers informed and feeling personally valued will certainly pay off long term. 

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