In anticipation of this year’s holiday season, notably Cyber Monday, we’re rolling out a 5-part plan to guide your brand to an effective Q4 2020 marketing strategy.

With more folks opting for online shopping this holiday season, your website needs to be as robust as a brick and mortar. While it’s probably not the time to make any major changes, you should ensure that everything is working smoothly and optimized for quick and easy shopping. Here are a few key updates we recommend before the big day. 

Navigate your website like a shopper entering a store: what’s the fastest route to shop without distraction? Consider removing any excess design elements, such as hero sliders and non-shopping content blocks. You can always add these back after the holidays. 

Keep your checkout process as simple and straightforward as possible. If you’re not planning to offer a sale code, remove the discount code field altogether (so shoppers don’t automatically go searching for codes online). Ensure your post-purchase flow includes Order Confirmation, Shipping Confirmation, Shipment Update and Review Request, as well as Back In Stock notifications to recapture any abandoned cart shoppers.

Optimize your PDPs for search and UX with longer, descriptive product names ( longer = better in Google’s eyes) and simple, easy to scan descriptions. White space is your friend!

Don’t lose sleep (or sales) on slow loading times. Resizing images and removing unused JavaScript are two easy ways to improve your site’s speed. 

Ensure shoppers get to the products they want faster by streamlining the customer journey with dropdowns or a mega-nav. Create Category Pages and filters so nobody gets lost searching for their desired purchase.

Everyone’s doing it. It’s the holidays. Don’t let a little thing like shipping stand in between you and sales.

Add an FAQ page, put all return info on the product pages and/or checkout, add a size guide or reviews. Consider adding Live Chat to your site, if only through the sale season. Any little element to speed up the process and remove roadblocks to the shopping experience helps!