In anticipation of this year’s holiday season, notably Cyber Monday, we’re rolling out a 5-part plan to guide your brand to an effective Q4 2020 marketing strategy.

It’s almost go time, so make sure you have a tight content strategy and calendar in place from Halloween through New Year’s Eve, optimizing your marketing content across all channels. Here are a few tips for creating killer content that’s most effective during this high selling season.

Establish a relationship with customers and lock in your audience before sale season by  increasing emails and social ahead of time. This is the time when consumers are typically discovering new brands or products, so dedicate some ad love to acquisition while building up your retargeting pools. Remember your retargeting pools last 90 days.

Create a two month  calendar to sync email, ad and social content. Include email topics (by segment), social content and ad content. Keep your messaging consistent across the board and lean on top performers (content and photos) and best sellers.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are loud. In order to cut through the noise, let your customers know in advance what they can expect, sending “pump-up” emails and social content in the week leading up to sales.

Sale shoppers are frenzied, so keep all messaging and discounts very simple. Clearly state whatever you’re offering (ie. 25% off Women’s Shoes) in email subject lines, social posts and ad content.

If it moves, it stands out. And if it stands out, it gets a higher click through rate, which yields lower CPCs. A lowered CPC yields a better volume of traffic to your site and more opportunities for sales. If you don’t have high end video creative, try your phone or stitch together still images in FB’s slideshow creator. 

Take the time now to prepare different content for your various segments and audiences. Sale shopping is not one-size-fits-all, so know your audience and give them what they want!