In anticipation of this year’s holiday season, notably Cyber Monday, we’re rolling out a 5-part plan to guide your brand to an effective Q4 2020 marketing strategy.

If you’ve done everything we’ve advised so far, you should be perfectly positioned to rake it in this holiday sale season. The last thing you can do is ensure your customer experience is seamless post purchase with a tight set of flows. Take these last few weeks to refresh your email flows. Make sure all information is up to date and that the design is in sync with your current brand. Do you have any discount or sale flows in place? Consider pulling back on those for the month of November in anticipation of Black Friday/Cyber Monday. These are the 4 flows every brand should have in place (and on point!).

If you do one thing, let it be your Welcome Series flow. Your solid BFCM plan should garner a slew of new customers, and this is your first impression. New subscribers are shop-happy, so engage them immediately. Keep the first subject line simple and straightforward (data suggests “Welcome to ______” has the best open rate) and use the body to introduce the brand and put best selling products at the forefront. Follow up with an introduction to your social channels, followed by one last email showcasing products. 

Hopefully you already have a successful award program in place. If not, we recommend using VIPs are already invested in your brand, so you can have a very different conversation with them. Keep them coming back with this simple flow: 

Welcome → Discount → Special Gift with Next Purchase (Over $x )

Turn any customer into a loyal shopper and brand enthusiast with a solid post-purchase flow. At the same time, keep your existing customers coming back. We recommend a split flow for new customers vs. return in order to personalize the experience. Take it next level and split based on $value to push big spenders toward your VIP program. 

Don’t lose sales over low inventory! Ensure your customers get what they want (as soon as it’s available) with a tight Back in Stock flow in place. Add a “waitlist” option to your product pages, which should trigger a confirmation email with realistic expectations for restocking and shipping times. Give enough information that your customers will remain loyal, instead of immediately looking elsewhere!