Cyber Monday 2020 Marketing Checklist – Step 1: Segmentation

While Cyber Monday 2020 projections fluctuate daily, there is no question that this year’s online  sales events will be significant. Holiday sales are critical across the board, but never before has Cyber Monday been the primary focus (with many brick and mortars canceling Black Friday events). It is absolutely essential to prepare your brand’s holiday marketing strategy in advance; failure to do so can (will) dramatically affect sales. We’ve put together a comprehensive 5 part plan that we’ll be rolling out as a series of emails over the next several weeks.

If you haven’t done so in a while, now is the time to clean up your email lists. Segmented lists  are proven to have higher open and click through rates, and you can use these groups for your advertising audiences. Klaviyo and Data Q are great tools for creating segments and sharing them directly into FB and Google ads. 

In the weeks leading up to Cyber Monday, it could be beneficial to offer different discount offers to various audiences, and with specific frequencies depending on past behavior. Below are the most important groups every brand should segment for.

You’ll first want to define this group for your brand, but typically these are either folks who have opened or clicked on an email in the past 30 days, or who have recently subscribed (within the past 30 days). This list should receive tons of emails about Cyber Monday as there is little risk the emails will end up in spam, and they have already shown their interest. But don’t wait! Start  emailing them now to improve sender reputation, and even begin hinting about the upcoming sales. 

Equally important is the unengaged user, who’s lack of interest is hurting your deliverability. When you include unengaged profiles (those who haven’t engaged with your emails in 3-6 months), inbox providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook) will begin placing your emails in spam.  Segment these subscribers and first attempt to re-engage (send 1 email, not 5), but then cut your losses and consider removing them from the email list completely. You may find that these users respond better to other marketing channels, such as Facebook ads. 

It pays to spoil those customers who buy frequently or spend a lot. Offer sneak peeks of upcoming sales or products, and encourage them to share about your brand on social channels. This is also a great group for creating lookalike audiences on FB prior to Cyber Monday. Different percentages of matching allowance can yield varying results, so test a couple options in percentages. Finally, consider creating a loyalty rewards program with milestones or points to keep this group engaged without a huge revenue loss (which could occur if you offer too big of a discount to high spenders).

Make the effort to convert those on the threshold of VIP status before Cyber Monday with signup forms and rewards emails, using the promise of associated benefits to secure their sale shopping. Create unique emails for this group, pulling dynamic variables to inform each user exactly how close they are to VIP status savings and employing urgency in your tone and messaging. 

Convert sale-only shoppers to brand enthusiasts! Data shows that getting these folks to purchase again before the holiday season could take them to the next level of customer. Consider offering this segment a Cyber Monday-worthy discount now in order to secure their loyalty. Update them on new products and VIP rewards programs to encourage engagement before the holiday madness.

Begin building your retargeting pools now.Interested customers are often discovering new brands or products now, and will later close the deal as holiday shopping comes around. Remember your retargeting pools last 90 days.