Basecamp Basics for Project Management

Juggling is the essence of any Project Manager’s daily routine: checking in with clients, communicating feedback and maintaining a tight schedule. While there are many project management tools and platforms out there to help out, Basecamp has proven time again to be the best tool for keeping projects organized and completing work on time.

What is Basecamp?
Basecamp is a simple, online project management tool allowing one to manage various projects and team members. Users can access the platform through their browser or via the Basecamp app. Here are the top 3 ways Basecamp can make a good Project Manager great.

1. Organization

Being organized is one of the top qualities of a Project Manager, but Basecamp makes it easier to keep all of your ducks in a row.

At the start of each project, the Project Manager can create both a client facing and internal facing project in Basecamp. The project tool allows you to control which team members and clients have access to each Basecamp project. Individual projects allow users to keep all information and communication in one place.

Once the project is created, users can store assets within the project by uploading and sharing files, storing information in secure text documents and it even integrates easily with Google Drive.

Once you have your project set-up, you can start by creating a “Discussion” or a “To-do” to begin communicating with your team and the client.

Basecamp for Project Management

2. Communication

Being a Project Manager requires constant communication both internally and externally. You are checking in with your clients, checking in with your team members and constantly working with dozens of moving parts to keep things on schedule.

With Basecamp, all communication is stored in a single place. No more searching through emails to find a file or sending a design mock-up to three different clients and receiving an email upon email of feedback. You can create a thread, loop in the team members that need to be involved and send the information to everyone at once.

Basecamp will send a notification to those team members who have been included in the thread and, in turn, will notify you once someone has replied. The best part is that it’s all right there for everyone to see and stay up to date on what’s happening with the project.

Basecamp for Project Management

3. Accountability

Do you set reminders for yourself on your phone so you don’t forget something? To-dos in Basecamp are the perfect tool to make sure your projects stay on track and on-time. You can create a “To-do,” assign it to a specific team member and set the due date. Basecamp will continue to send them reminders until the task is marked as complete. To-dos are also great to keep your clients organized if you need additional information or have a project ready for approval.

Basecamp for Project Management

If you need to check on a team member’s workload for the day or week, view their profile and view all open to-dos for the day, week, etc. You can even view past-due to-dos and update the due date to get them back on schedule.

If you have other questions or are interested in learning more about Basecamp, watch the introduction to Basecamp video here or visit their Help page for more information.

What project management tool have you found most successful?