Anyone else missing their morning commute? Working from home means losing so many minute rituals throughout the day that we likely took for granted before. Finding balance in this new (temporary) normal hinges on creating new rituals to anchor us in the moment. In order to wrangle that ‘lost, floating aimlessly around this crazy time’ feeling, it’s important to establish routine. Here are a few rituals our team is leaning on for stability:

Tea Time

Is there any ritual more soothing than that of making tea? We’re all big tea drinkers at Cobble Hill, and just launched a new site for our favorite tea company, Art of Tea, where shopping for tea is nearly as relaxing as drinking it. 

Essential Oils

With so many unknowns right now, we’re taking comfort in the small things we can control, like the scent (and vibe) of our space. Before the coffee, the email or the breakfast, we take time to choose essential oils for the day and fire up the diffusers.

Current favorites: EucalyptusLavender and Rosemary.  


Meditation:Without that work commute (or anywhere to go), we’re finding more time to meditate. Setting a dedicated time daily to create space and sit in reflection helps quite the mind, reminding us of our own inner strength to endure whatever comes next. If you are looking to get started with guided meditation check out the Headspace or Waking Up apps.

Get Dressed

Seems like a no-brainer, but our history of working from home has taught us that getting dressed is half the battle. While it’s tempting to stay in sweatpants all the day, the ritual of showering, selecting an outfit and dressing the part (even if it’s just cleaner sweatpants) is a key component in the psychology of WFH. Going through the motions will prepare your mind to check in.

Cocktail Hour Comeback

Happy hour might be the closest thing any of us gets to socializing these days. It’s a way to mark the end of the work day or toast to small accomplishments (whether you choose alcohol or not is up to you). From mixing a drink to Zoom with a friend to relaxing with a significant other, take the time to do it right. We’re loving Make Me A Cocktail, the app that lets you search drink recipes based on the ingredients you have at home. (Pro Tip: It helps to have some high end mixers on hand, like Jack Rudy and Navy Hill.)

Marketing Tip

Marketing Report Routines:

Perhaps no routine is more essential for our marketing team than our reporting routine. We use Dashthis to create simple, actionable dashboards that we monitor throughout the week to ensure campaigns, ad sets, ads, and keywords are achieving our ROAS and CPA objectives. If we spot a poor performer, we take swift action to pause the asset, or conversely, if there is a top performer, we take the opportunity to find ways to “pour gas on the fire.”