One of the many challenges many of us face right now is the closing of schools and childcare. Whether you’re suddenly a third grade teacher or attempting to WFH with a toddler (or 3!), none of us have the number of hands (or hours in the day) necessary to make this juggling act work. But try we must. Here are a few ways our team is finding moments of balance with the kiddos at home. 

PBS Kids

Subscribe to the PBS Kids newsletter. You’ll receive a daily email with an educational cartoon and accompanying questions/activities that range from environmental science to reading comprehension. Consider it guilt-free screen time for all ages, and 30 minutes for you to knock out a couple to-dos, prepare the day’s homeschool lessons or hide out in the bathroom with a cup of coffee. 

When in doubt, biscuits.

Pro-tip: feed your children constantly. Hourly. There’s nothing worse than that moment when you’re about to complete a task and are interrupted by “I’m hungry.” Our favorite way to keep ‘em happy is with home deliveries from Hot Little Biscuit (formally Callie’s Biscuits). Our favorites are Cinnamon and Country Ham. We just updated their website with some fresh branding and improvements!

Time Blocking

Gone are the days of the 9-5. With children in the mix, we’re having to rethink our workday so that one parent is always on hand for childcare and long division assistance. We’ve found success in time blocking, often with one parent working in the pre-dawn hours. Without coworkers to gossip with and office tunes to request, it’s amazing how much you can accomplish with 4 solid hours and a locked bedroom door. 

Extra Curriculars

P.E.: Your home is now officially a jungle gym, embrace it. These simple foam pieces can form endless combinations of fun. 

Art Class:  Dig up all those broken crayons and print outlines of your child’s favorite character to color in. Better yet, print these sweet masks for them to color, cut and wear! 

Bedtime Yoga

Get the last of their wiggles out with Good Night Yoga, our favorite bedtime book with simple yoga poses for children. Nama-stay-in-bed Please! 

Marketing Tip

Timing Matters

When budgets are tight, we are especially judicious with our ad spend. Pulling a custom report with conversion rate by time of day in Google Analytics can help you inform your dayparting strategy and bidding for your marketing campaigns. Here’s the path to this simple custom report: Customization — Custom Reports — Create — Choose Metric (Ecommerce Conversion Rate) & Dimension Drilldown (Hour) — Add filters if you like. 

If conversion rates are poor over a block of hours, consider pausing your campaigns during these times or lowering your bids.