Raising the Bar

When a past client came to us with a novel idea, we toasted the opportunity to partner up and create a brand from scratch. The event planners found the local bar service scene lacking, and we sought out to develop a high-end company to fill the void. Hand crafted cocktails, hip branding, impeccable service: it had all the makings of a great party.

To add a splash of nostalgia to the brand story, we created catering packages named after famous drinkers, pairing them with hand drawn images to match.

Functional Service

The business model was built on top notch service, and the website needed to reflect a higher price point. We kept it simple and sleek with custom design elements.

All Inclusive

We handled all content, illustrations, copy and branding for the new biz, from web design to collateral.

All in the Details

We hid a few subtle easter eggs throughout the design, such as rotating famous drinking quotes in the footer. Small design elements help give character to a brand in a stale industry.