Grassfed Goodness

Farm Burger is redefining the fast burger joint concept. Think: healthy, grassfed beef sourced from local farmers. The restaurant’s popularity was gaining momentum; they came to us with a Squarespace site and several new locations on the immediate horizon. Like their mission of seasonal, thoughtful food served in the traditional “order at the counter” model, the company needed a new website that was both authentic and dynamic: welcoming, deliberate and nimble.

The original Farm Burger site was built on Squarespace, but the growing company needed more than the platform could provide: online ordering and a portal for various locations to update offerings and daily specials on individual location pages.

Online Ordering

Farm Burger wanted to give customers quick and healthy food through online ordering, but one standout feature of the chain is that each location has local offerings that can change seasonally or even daily. We designed a single page for each location with a backend portal for location managers to easily update menu items or location information. To streamline UX, we created several paths one can take to order online, improving the online experience while showcasing each restaurant’s unique vibe.

Original Storytelling

Unlike other restaurant chains focused only on speed and consistency, Farm Burger’s selling point is high quality, delicious food. To separate them from the competition, we crafted a thoughtful brand story defining the farm to table concept, allowing the website design to develop around this story. From content and photography to fonts and illustrations, every design choice worked towards the same visual message and original aesthetic.

Beyond The Burger

In order to reach new customers and spread awareness, the new website needed to do more than direct hungry users to the nearest burger. It was also necessary to introduce the brand and reinforce the company’s ethos. To reflect the in-restaurant experience online, we designed a stunning menu with simplified graphics and crisp, modern photos of each menu item. The Culture page was conceived to further the brand story while attracting quality employees. It highlights the ethical, responsible and fun work environment. The overall effect is welcoming, authentic and real.