The Big Cheese

The tiny gourmet cheese and wine shop had a loyal following and wide customer base. With an impeccably curated selection and long established reputation, they needed a web presence that enhanced their brand but didn’t redefine it. Their current website was 6 years old and in desperate need of a reboot. The goal: make the site streamlined and pristine but with the feel of old Italy.

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As the tiny shop expanded to a second location with dining and a larger market space, the nimble website needed to stretch and grow to accommodate a downloadable menu and other needs.

Tasty Assets

In order to capture the essence of the hole in the wall shop, we shot original photography on location. And performed a little R&D with some delicious cheese trays.

Keep it Fresh

The shop is known for their daily sandwiches- they premake a handful each morning with what they have on hand, and usually sell out before noon. To tap into Instagram’s API to keep content fresh, we created a unique hashtag for them to use to post the daily sandwich each morning. We then integrated this content onto the site’s homepage.


While the cheese is not available online, an editable Provisions page allows customers to browse products, dig deeper, and get a feel for the shop. We expanded on the original logo of the goat, the sheep and the cow to include a buffalo so one can shop cheese by type. Next we carried the aesthetic into other hand drawn icons throughout the section.