Industry West

Wherever there is industrial lighting, reclaimed wood and hip clientele, there is IW. Their sleek designs are modern, robust and on point. Their website was not. Enter Cobble Hill.

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We Did Our Homework

Our brand research involved internal and external surveys to pinpoint the company’s top selling points, target audience, direct competition and most successful marketing platform. We then translated the analyzed data, along with firsthand testimonials, into a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Refining Design Iteratively

Industry West brought two key assets to the table: incredible photography and a killer product. We refined the strategy in order to bring forth both elements, lending a voice and personality to the brand in the process.

E-Commerce System Upgrade

Problem: What do you do when you have xxx (insert number of products) designs and your version of Magento uses all simple products, creating excess work for the company and an overwhelming experience for customers?

Solution: We transitioned to the latest technology and created a new way to organize products, allowing users to search by color within the product, or see all products in a particular color. We cleaned up the experience for each type of customer respectively: retail, wholesale and designers.