Instant Classic

Quality, style and function. Kin The Label’s core values required an elevated platform to showcase their high level product: simple hats, designed, handmade and sold with care and intention. We designed and developed a sleek and robust ecomm solution to selling hats- the kind you pick up at an outdoor market while traveling or in a designer boutique- directly to consumers worldwide. Using the same precision and attention to design as the brand, we put as much thought into the shopping experience as the site’s look and functionality.

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How do you sell a hat without a mirror?

Interactive Experience

To heighten the shopping experience, we created a Style Finder with custom illustrations to guide the customer through the process. Detailed images and careful content allow the user to identify their personal head shape, at which point product recommendations are made based on the findings. Multiple points of entry to the Style Finder, found in the main navigation and each individual PDP, encourage interaction.

Informing Decision

In addition to the Style Finder, an illustrated Size Guide walks the user through the steps to finding their head size. By providing as much interaction and education as possible, it is more likely that purchases will be completed and customers satisfied.

Understated Design

There is nothing modern about a classic Panama hat, but the way in which Kin The Label approaches the form and function of the brand is anything but traditional. The product is simple but solid, so we chose to strip away the noise to allow the imagery to speak for itself. The website design is minimalistic but thoughtful, mirroring the high quality of the product. We created a natural shopping experience from any device, and provided a sleek platform to tell the story of a good hat.