The Neighborhood Spot

Your dad will love the checkered tablecloth and old school vibes almost as much as you do. Little Jack’s is a classic tavern with vintage boxing posters and a burger you’ll want two of. We had to eat a lot of those burgers to help turn a simple idea into a booming business. 

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Little Jack’s was featured on the cover of Garden & Gun magazine and gets more press than a Kardashian.

Style Guide

Started from the beginning with the brand, we were able to conceptualize an identity system. This influenced the restaurant personality and provided a style guide for bringing the concept to life within the physical space.

Logo Inspiration

When approaching logo design, we used their inspiration as a starting point: classic, not fancy, simple, black & white pictures of boxers. What we came up with influenced signage and drove the web identity.

Bringing a Brand to Life

The physical brand came to life through menu creation, package design, sketches and patterns used throughout the collateral.