Strategic Marketing

When we first sat down with food mogel Nature’s Path, the goal was easily defined: drive traffic to a single product line for a designated period of time. Sub-goals consisted of email acquisition, coupon download, and subsequent increased in-store purchase of their Love Crunch® product, the audience being existing and new customer bases of moms, foodies, and health nuts. It was up to our team to lean on market research and best practices in order to present several strategic plans.

Campaign Trail

Together, we refined an interactive campaign asking users to “unlock” a free gift and enter a contest to win a spa experience. We worked with the client’s PR agency, Crafted Communications, to create an engaging giveaway gathering email addresses, which generated coupon downloads as well as in-store purchases. A sweepstakes landing page was designed and built on Woobox using the campaign creative and overall brand guidelines.

Multiple Points of Entry

The campaign was launched with several marketing platforms utilized. To create awareness leading up to and during the campaign, we created an organic content calendar with all copy and imagery. From there, we layered in FB and Instagram Ads, Google Search Advertising, Google Display Retargeting and ShortStack Giveaway platform management.

The Results:

Over 6,500 Giveaway Entries and Coupon Downloads

$0.35 Cost Per Acquisition

$0.09 CPM

Campaign selected as a ”Best of Shortstack” campaign the month after the campaign ran.