Well Hung

Ro Sham Beaux’s custom light fixtures embody that chic, California meets South Carolina vibe that interior designers go nuts over. The website needed to catch up with the quickly spreading trend and work as direct ecomm as well as custom order creation. We scrapped everything and started at the beginning, employing an iterative design process to create something that showcased the unique product while speaking to multiple user needs.

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On Trend

Like the brand, the site continues to evolve. As the company grows, we keep their team well-trained on inventory population and basic backend updating.


Multiple Users

We created end-to-end wholesale account features in WooCommerce that allowed for designers and their recurring customers to have a separate experience and exclusive pricing.

Digital Design

The Design-Your-Own feature is completely custom has intricate code that allows for a customer to create a product based on a number of different variations. The UX is intuitive and fluid.  Our in-house artist hand drew custom images to complement the experience. Soon after launching, the site was featured on The Best Designs.