Prime Real Estate

We worked with the founders of Smith Spencer Real Estate in their past endeavors, and we were present from the early stages of conception. Knowing the clients closely helped us bring their vision to life, and we had a hand in shaping the brand’s aesthetic and voice.

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Real Estate is a familiar industry for us: we’ve designed and built several agency websites and have collective experience in both the buying and selling process. This background allowed us to approach the project from all sides: internal and external. With a tight grasp on customer needs and industry objectives, we could offer a unique perspective.


Creating their digital presence, we sourced photography (much of it our own) and created content. The result is a welcoming and sleek website that helps capture leads and inform potential customers.

Target Demographic

Because the agency targets two key customers, novice and experienced, our design needed to speak to two very different audiences. We first married the team’s cheeky voice with a sleek, user-friendly experience, then became even more granular by creating unique pages, and therefore experiences, for 6 different types of user defined by objective: first time home-buyers, relocating, real estate regular, considering selling, shopping agents and ready to sell. Each receives a personalized checklist or takeaway.