Meditation in Motion

The tennis apparel line turns the sport’s reputation as a country club pastime on its head with a slick street style that’s both functional and decidedly cool on the court. Or off. But how do you tell the world that tennis is now hip?

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Urban Meets Tradition

To capture the essence of the brand, we needed large visuals. We produced and shot lifestyle photos with models and tennis players, mixing the chic collection with vintage rackets, grass courts and cobblestone streets.

The Zen Factor

The brand’s messaging is pure zen: Be mindful, be free. The fabric tells the same story. We crafted careful content to breakdown the key factors of the bamboo performance technology, letting the product’s material feed the brand image. Custom icons highlight the environmental benefits. Clothing with a conscious, a company with a conscious. This message is heard throughout the design.

E-Commerce Optimization

We made it easy for customers to purchase online by allowing them to mix and batch bundles of products. The direct to consumer approach allows them to focus on telling their brand story through digital touchpoint.