Callie’s Biscuits launched in 2005 with the recipe for the perfect small business: an interesting backstory, a simple product, low overhead and a wide target audience- who doesn’t love fresh biscuits? After a decade + of solid growth and three brick and mortars, the company came to us for help transitioning to the next level: direct to consumer.


We created an ecommerce site as welcoming and friendly as the southern biscuit shops themselves.

While Callie’s continues to garner national acclaim, the brand is very much a down-home, family company with a welcoming personality. To close the gap between seller and consumer, we implemented live chat, personalizing the experience. The “Baker’s Mix & Match” allows shoppers to customize their biscuit order just as they might in one of the stores – this also helps increase the average order value.

Mouthwatering Website

Selling food online takes a distinct touch: when you can’t taste it, content plays heavily into the strategy. We redesigned the whole experience from the ground up and platformed it on Shopify. Our focus was to sell the story: preserving the tradition of southern, handmade biscuits. Careful thought went into how to layer in the factors that set Callie’s apart, while robust product pages offer baking instructions, recipes, videos and ingredient details.

The Shopping Experience

With this new sales outlet came a host of new problems to solve, one being how to ensure the product, shipped frozen, maintained its premium quality in the face of user-error. Instead of burying the shipping information and heating instructions in the FAQs, we met the customer head on with upfront directions on the cart page, then took it one step further to design an order confirmation email with a catchy gif and easy to understand explanation. We stayed involved throughout the transition, assisting with backend integration to streamline the fulfillment and accounting process to alleviate any headaches as they moved to direct-to-consumer.

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