A Year to Give Back

As a small company, we make every effort to ensure any charitable contributions represent the interests of our team. For the past several years, we’ve included a donation as part of our holiday gift, asking each team member to select a cause close to their hearts for us to support in their honor, no questions asked.

Failure to Launch

How can one possibly take everything they know and love about their brand and covey it to a consumer in just two sentences accompanied by an image?

4 Things Every Brand Should Be Doing Right Now

While the current social restrictions and economic situation has commerce as a whole reeling, something fascinating is happening with smaller brands that can weather the storm.  Consumer spending has shifted entirely online, and big name apparel retailers are getting crushed, yet those smaller direct-to-consumer brands that already owned their customer (and their online customer experience) are

Get Distracted

This new normal way of life is beginning to wear on all of us. Now more than ever, personal distractions are imperative to clear thinking and decision-making. Cut through the noise by anchoring yourself to something you do to find joy or peace, or just to check out for a while. When you’re starting to

Cyber Monday 2020 Marketing Checklist – Step 1: Segmentation

While Cyber Monday 2020 projections fluctuate daily, there is no question that this year’s online  sales events will be significant. Holiday sales are critical across the board, but never before has Cyber Monday been the primary focus (with many brick and mortars canceling Black Friday events). It is absolutely essential to prepare your brand’s holiday