We were fortune enough to work with Cynthia Rowley to elevate their digital presence and improve sales. Known for vanguard fashion and edgy style, the long-established fashion label sought a sleek yet powerful e-commerce site to remain on the forefront of the industry.  To meet tight deadlines, we expedited our process with phased development.


We created a sleek and robust website to keep up with their volume and sales.

Previously built on Magento, the website needed to be robust for handling high volume traffic and have a nimble backend for frequent content updates. We transitioned to Shopify Plus, a faster and more scalable platform, allowing the client to update collections and add new inventory easily.

To identify key obstacles to the website, we initiated a user experience analysis, with the results driving our strategy. Our process for uncovering key website data from Google Analytics helps us to understand the typical user, sales season, user path to the website and user flow once on the website. Once we understood the problem, we were able to calculate a clear solution through design, UX and thoughtful content, vastly improving sales almost immediately post-launch.

The Shopping Experience

With an international reach, Cynthia Rowley’s ecomm needed to support the physical locations while speaking directly to online shoppers. They already had great content; we just had to clear the path to increased conversions. We relied heavily on content strategy to inform design, the result being a polished and intuitive shopping experience.

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