Effortless Design

Designed in California and crafted in Spain, Freda Salvador products embody high quality, thoughtful design and chic style. We created a website to match. The redesign involved catching up with the company’s extensive growth while integrating with the complex retail inventory from the brick and mortars.

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Enhancing The Shopping Experience

To replace the experience of interacting with the tangible product, we conveyed the high quality through a deeper PDPs. Layering the brand story throughout the site, we helped to inform purchase decision.


Direct Consumer Targeting

We expanded the label’s reach with the design and management of paid media. November 2015-November 2016, Freda Salvador saw a 225% month-to-month increase in online revenue.

Minimal Design for Optimal Impact

The lowkey vibe and voice of the brand translated into a sleek, modest design that showcases the product through lifestyle photography and thoughtful content. The clean and crisp lines are softened through the font choices and subtle design elements, resulting in a design reflective of the unique but structured collection.