Perfectly Executed Luxury Swimwear

The internationally acclaimed swimwear line changed the bikini game, but the quality and look of the originals remains unmatched. We’ve partnered with them on everything from web design and content creation to back office improvements and strategy.

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Direct Marketing

Our direct marketing approach is holistic: because we have a relationship with the brand and know their market thoroughly, we’re able to be consistent, strategizing and creating custom campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Search & Display marketing channels. The return on digital media spend is over 4:1.

Collection Launches

We’ve launched Resort and Spring/Summer collections for years, generating millions of impressions to potential customers.

Iterative Design

We continue to AB test the site and interpret analytics, constantly tinkering to improve the customer experience. We’ve used technical solutions to solve everyday problems with accounting, inventory management and shipping fulfillment, and our post purchase strategy has increased the retention rate. Applying design and science, we are able to optimize the conversion rate.