During the pandemic, Walden's hospitality team engaged with us to refocus their marketing efforts towards the more profitable portion of their properties, focusing on local "staycation" marketing and driving revenue to their spa services.


We immediately shifted the focused of our paid social budgets to a nearby "drive market" to increase traffic locally, as customers were not likely to fly and business travel decreased. This helped buoy the property's revenue through local staycations and spa visitation, vs a previous focus on weddings and corporate events.

We helped Walden aggregate their various sources of Point of Sale (POS) data and email lists to merge lists into more intelligent segments. We then emailed the new segments through regular campaigns specific to their unique interests, and advertised to through data sharing into custom FB lists.

We repurposed Walden's rich video and imagery into new ad formats, such as collections and animated slideshows, focusing more on outdoors and socially distanced activities to improve click through rate and lower cost per click.

Year over Year


Social Sessions Growth

Year over Year


Organic Search Sessions Growth

Success Amidst a Pandemic

Through careful spending of media dollars, we were able to maintain year over year revenue growth for Walden's hotel and spa business in the face of unprecedented hardship and closures.

Focus on the Local Market

We focused on nearby "drive traffic" with a heavy social media campaign to "take time out for yourself." This reached a 100-mile drive radius, allowing the hotel to capitalize on customers seeking refuge and pampering without having to fly during a pandemic.

Sharing the Experience, Digitally

Honing in on the essence of what customers were looking for during the pandemic (escape, cleanliness, de-stressing) helped our team repurpose existing creative content into compelling ads that showed the Walden experience, pre-click, to achieve higher quality and lower cost traffic to the site.

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