Digital Marketing Overhaul

Our Process for Ecommerce Revival and Survival

Digital marketing is not something you can simply ‘plug in’ and watch the lights turn on, but a moving target built on solid data and thoughtful strategy. After nearly a decade offering development, design and marketing services, we’ve developed a comprehensive 6 month process to launch a highly successful marketing strategy built of three pillars: Discovery, Stabilization and Optimization.

We’ve perfected a focused approach in order to deliver brand awareness and growth, the essential ingredients that lead to conversion, increased revenue and predictable scalability. Our model blends seamlessly with in-house teams, third party creative partnerships and the host of service providers typical to any growing ecommerce business.

Working closely with each client, our process includes the following services:

Ad Management

Ad Management

Ad spend is a valuable part of any ecommerce budget that should be nurtured and cared for. We’re well-versed in finding the right audience, determining spend, analyzing data and reacting quickly. Our in-house design team creates stunning ads, while our marketing experts stay one step ahead, adjusting and improving as the market shifts.

Email Marketing

If you’ve read this far, you know how effective email marketing can be! A conversation between brand and buyer is priceless. Starting with a personalized strategy and content calendar, we use data to test various design, content and deployment concepts in order to establish the most effective email formula for each individual brand.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We’ve become lazy in our consumerism, and websites absolutely must be easy to find in order to succeed. Luckily, we know a few secrets to improving any site’s performance on Google search.

Website Maintenance

Keep things flowing with a fine tuned website. Our developers stay on top of Shopify, WordPress, all plugins and app updates to prevent future bugs and increase the security of a brand’s site.

Design Services

It’s important to present a unified front across all channels. Having a deep understanding of a brand’s story and target audience helps our design team create strategic assets that are most effective. In short order, we can create marketing collateral from menus and package design to leave-behinds and billboards.

Are you an ecommerce brand committed to doing what it takes to grow? We’d love to discuss how we could become your strategic marketing partner. With a high level of earned expertise, we can create measurable outcomes from evidence-based decision-making, taking your business to the next level.