Digital Marketing Manager

Who We Are Looking For: We are looking for a Digital Marketing Manager to join our team. You will be responsible for creating and managing thoughtful digital marketing campaigns for clients across a broad spectrum of industries, from healthcare to hospitality to CPG. You will be part of a growing team that is looking to

Charleston’s Going Dark

Do you have your NASA approved glasses? At 2:46pm on Monday, August 21st, Charleston will experience a total eclipse of the sun. For a minute and 40 seconds. Try not to be stuck in traffic when it happens. 6th Grade Science A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth passes between the moon and sun, casting

Commerce is Changing:

Easy Ways to Roll With the Changes The dust is just beginning to settle on the explosion to our economy due to the pandemic, but the landscape looks very different than it did before. Even as physical brick and mortar stores across the country are starting to open back up (or not), the way we

Are You Sending the Right Emails?

If there was ever a time for transparency and communication, this is it. When it comes to digital consumerism, these factors are imperative to a brand’s survival. Folks willing and able to spend excess money right now are doing so carefully, thoughtfully, and where they feel a connection. The need to feel a connection with a

Tracking Facebook & Instagram Ads in Google Analytics

When running a successful digital marketing campaign through Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., it is important to track the performance. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platforms as they have the highest adoption rate in the USA; unfortunately, neither of these platforms (which are run from the same FBX platform since Facebook owns Instagram) integrate

Marketing Coordinator

We’re looking for a Marketing Coordinator. You would work alongside our Director of Strategy and Creative Director and work on fun and exciting marketing projects. What You Bring: ▪ Strong attention to detail ▪ Strong eye and aesthetic ▪ Thorough understanding of social media ▪ Self motivated ▪ Google product and Microsoft Office knowledge ▪ High