Failure to Launch

People are passionate about their brands. It is their baby. Endless time, effort, capital, and hard work goes into building a brand. They know their babies better than anyone else in the world. So we get it… it’s hard to let go. Even a little. Think about the first time your child stays with a babysitter. Or you let someone new watch your prized puppy. It probably entails a 10-page list of instructions and the phone number of everyone you know in a 20-mile radius that can help if a problem arises. How often does a problem actually arise? I’m going to guess the answer is really not that often. 

The same thing happens when a brand is ready to dive into marketing to expand their audience and increase their performance whether it be brand awareness, lead generation, traffic, or sales. How can one possibly take everything they know and love about their brand and covey it to a consumer in just two sentences accompanied by an image?

This is where the time comes to let go. Just a little bit. Let the experts handle it and let the data speak for itself. You won’t know what works until you try it. Maybe what you think is most special about your brand isn’t as important to a consumer. This is where time and testing are key. You have to start somewhere. 

We start with a marketing questionnaire. Tell us what sets you apart, why your brand, and what message is important to drive. Provide the best imagery and video that display your product or service. Now let the marketers run with it. Your message probably needs condensing. Let’s be realistic. As great as your brand is, nobody is going to sit and read a paragraph long caption on an ad. Many will catch the headline and look at the graphic. Some will read captions, but the shorter the better.  

Now comes the time and testing. You have three defining characteristics? Great. Let’s see which one resonates best with the audience. Trying to combine them all into one short message is likely overdoing it. It only takes a few weeks and will be so worth it in the end. You will drive more people to your site where they can intake all of the information they need rather than losing them to a long caption trying to do the same. Same goes for imagery. Maybe certain photography styles or creative styles work best with some audiences more than others. Nobody just has these answers off the bat without any previous prospecting and remarketing.

In the end, none of this is permanent. An ad can be paused. A caption can be adjusted. An image can be swapped. Even a website can be updated. Nothing is set in stone. So, let the data speak for itself. Let time tell. This is how you will learn about your audience and your brand. We know it’s hard but trust us. It’s worth it in the end.